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 Kumeo Realm ( remake)

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PostSubject: Kumeo Realm ( remake)   September 27th 2016, 6:54 pm

Spirit Foxx clan's :

Kestsueki Clan ( in English: Blood clan)
Leader: Disaster
Deputy: Suta

Healer: Chi and Littlewolf
Tech: Ekuta and Elkobra

Weapon maker: Fero, Sire ( sometimes Killfang)
Warriors: Mezu, Akota, Ray, Psycho, Lostheart, Killfang, Reaper Neko, Megladon, Nightmare, Razor, Comet, Void, Ryu, Natome, Keto, Rainbow Apocalypse.

Guardian Spirit Foxx Clan's:

Kumeo Clan

Leader: Taki
Deputy: Seto

Healer: ( No one at this point)
Magic users: Spiders web, Ashen Flute, Glass beads, Blackpool
Warriors: Owl eyes, Rosemary, Kyte, Reign, Robinfire

Siege Clan

Leader: Shadow magic
Deputy: ( no one at this point)

Healer: Twiggy
Magic users: Meadow lark, Reed, Broken tail
Warriors: Blackwater, Sludge, Typhoon, Deeplake, Moonstone

Yuko Clan ( in English: Snow Clan)

Leader: Frozen petal
Deputy: Hailstorm

Healer: Acid
Magic users: Fragemt, Blizzard, Solaris, Frostbite, Broken moons
Warriors: Shattered time, Hue, Slate, Silver eyes, Blazing stars



"Are you insane!?", yelled the silver-backed, gray speckled fox.
The creature whipped her head around to face him, the light yellow ruff that wound around her neck puffed out, as well as the yellow ruff that was on part of her back and shoulder's began to spike up in menace.
" I won't let you do this, please, Disaster quit this nonsense. ", pleaded the dark
blue-eyed fox.
" Nonsense? What is nonsense when their is always truth hidden behind it.", she shot back, the pale clay colored curved horns that wrapped around her ears were than rimmed with a warm sunshine glow. Which made her dark brown and light red brown fur glow.
Worry pricked at his pelt as she stepped forward, the warmth that was once there had vanished into a cold decay.
"You should be wary of what you say, Flute.", she said when she placed the top part of her right paw on his chest. " Besides...", she moved around him, an evil grin planted on her lips " ...you wouldn't want to start on the wrong footing, now would we."
He blinked fearfully at her, her brown eyes holding no friendship they used to have. She chuckled, before smiling fondly at his fearful state, " See even a creature, like yourself, fear something... and in this case. You fear me."
His dark-blue eyes stared in horror as she examined her left gloved paw, the long sharp-curved blades danced a light color of silver in the sunlight.
" Do you remember....", she paused before looking at him.
Something twisted, twinkled in her eyes. He stepped back, fear seeping into his bones.
" No, what?"
She grinned sickly at him, her eyes blazing with twisted madness," You don't? You don't remember what happened to me."
Her voice than suddenly turned dark, " What they did to me."
He than saw her eyes tear up, her sickened smile gone.
Suddenly he felt the urge to comfort her... like before.
" Disaster?", he hadn't realized that he was standing next to her, his eyes full of concern.
".....", her head was low, her eyes hidden from his view.
" Disaster please, tell me what's wrong. We can get you some help, the clan can help you."
" Help me? You don't even care about me, Ashen Flute.", she raised her head, her tear stained face, visible.
Her eyes darted in his direction, " You let them destroy me, YOU let them abuse and mock me! “ , she than grinned at him "...so then what did you do?"
Flute was low to the floor, his tail tucked between his legs.
" YOU WATCHED as they tore out my claws, YOU watched as they slaughtered my wings!", she rebuked.
" D-Disaster, they were going to kill you, I-I.... I told them to take your wings in exchange for your life. You have to understand, I only did it because I love you."
Disaster glared, her brown eyes holding no sympathy.
" ...I understand completely, you said you only did it because you love me, but what I see is a lie.", she grinned down at him," You betrayed me Flute. You chose them over me."
She than leaned in, her muzzle next to his ear," You sided with the enemy, Flute, and because of that I wouldn't let you get away this time."
She than lunged for his neck, Flute instinctively jerked his head away from her jaws. He than rammed his shoulder in her chest.
She stumbled back, gasping.
" Please. I don't want to lose you.", Flute pleaded.
Disaster snarled," You lost me the moment you took their side."
She immediately charged, her horns aimed at him.
Flute leapt out of the way, landing on an unstable flooring.
The wind outside howled eerily, the plummeting blizzard that was also outside twirled and twisted all about.
Disaster yanked her horns out of rotten wall, the building rattled as a blast of wind hit the abandoned building.
She turned, her right brown eye glowed an eerie red color.
Suddenly the door that was behind Flute rattled before snapping in the center.
A claw-like hand came through and then a glowing red eye was visible.
The creature than crawled through the hole, the creature's long deep blue legs were the first thing visible before his bony skull and then the three bony spikes along the back of his neck and than his bony tail scythe.
Disaster grinned at the creature, " Took you long enough, Suta."
" Like I'd stray far from you, Disaster.", Suta replied kindly.
Flute stared in horror, the creature than turned his head, and looked down at Flute.
His pupils in slits.
" She won't go with you...", he said before beginning to walk over to Disaster. Who was a a short distance away, ".... besides, she already knows where she belongs."
Flute gulped, his voice beginning to sound hoarse," You've corrupted her.”
Flute had directed this to Suta. The creature's pale ice blue eye looked coldly at him.
" Why did you come when you knew you should of stayed....",Disaster asked
angrily "...I told you too just stay away."
Flute looked up at Suta than Disaster," I only came, to get you, because of what they would do if I didn't. "
Disaster looked at him with twisted curiosity, " Well then, why didn't you say that to start with."
Suta flicked his almost pale purple tongue in and out of his mouth, as if he was tasting the air. Flute smiled nervously up at her," S-s-so will y-you come ba-c-ck?"
Disaster looked at him, her eyes turning cold and distant," No, I'll never go back, and to prove my point I'm going to kill you."
Flute's heart thrummed in his head, every instinct telling him to run.
" Oh don't look so shocked Flute, you knew this was coming, besides....", she smiled " I can't forgive you."
Her left ear which was tipped in dark brown, flicked, signaling for Suta to kill.
Wide-eyed, Flute stared on. Petrified with fear.
Suta lunged, his fangs digging into Flute's neck, before tossing him across the room.
Flute struggled to get up, blood gushing from the wound, suddenly his head was slammed to the floor.
Suta growled at him," You should of listened to her."
Suta clamped his jaws around Flute's petrified branches, before snapping them in half.
Flute screamed, warm sticky blood running from the stumps that were on his head. Flute than began to gasp for air.
Suta had his jaws clamped down on Flute's leg, dragging him across the floor.
Disaster watching coldly.
Suta than stopped in place, raising his bony tail, he than slammed his tail on the floor. Which revealed the side of the cliff, and what looked like a bottomless pit.
Flute groaned, his breathing slowing down.
Suta than pulled Flute's nearly cold body to the edge.
Flute looked at Disaster, before saying hoarsely," I forgive you."
Disaster blinked at him, as if not expecting him to say that.
Flute than smiled at her, not wanting her to have the privilege at seeing him die.
She than watched with an almost saddened gaze as Suta pushed Flute over the edge.

Chapter 1

" Do you think it was the right thing to do... to kill him I mean."
The blizzard was on them, a thick blanket of snow lay all away around them, the howling wind and the blinding snow was beginning to become unbearable even to Suta.
" I believe you did the right thing, he betrayed you. You had every right to be angry with him.", he than turned his head around to see that Disaster was sitting between the second and third spike that was on his lower neck. " Besides, if you had listened to him and gone back, you would of been abused once more... it's better this way."
She smiled at him before using her left gloved paw to rub his deep blue neck fur.
He purred happily, before hearing a flutter of wing beats.
Disaster slid off Suta before bounding toward the sound, Suta following close behind. Disaster stopped.
Sniffing the air around them she smelled a hint of oil.
She grinned up at Suta, who was right next to her.
"I know who it is.", she replied
Suta blinked, his right red eye looking at her curiously.
The fluttering sound of wing beats sounded again, this time from behind them, before stopping.
A small shadow hopped through the blizzard, before coming out into view.
" Fero!", Disaster said excitedly.
She bounded over," What took you so long?"
Fero blinked his deep reddish brown eye at her, the robotic one on the other side checking their surrounding.
" You know that a snowstorm like this, messes up the system.", he chirped.
Disaster grinned, before lowering her head to allow the little blue bird to jump on the right side of her curved horns.
" Sorry it took so long to find you guys though, the heat vision was messing up."
" No need to say sorry, we know that you would of had some trouble find us, even in these conditions. ", replied Suta.
Fero chirped happily to that," Any who, the others were worried that you two were lost, so they sent me to find you."
" Why didn't they send Keto along too? He could of melted the snow. Or Megladon? He could of covered more ground.", inquired Suta.
Fero turned his head," They didn't want any unwanted eyes."
Suta walked ahead, Disaster soon following.
" So they didn't want to send anyone who could of helped us if we were in trouble.", Suta added as Disaster caught up.
" Are you not happy I've found you!?", Fero challenged.
" No, I'm happy, but it's just that if something had happened. Wouldn't you want a group to come find us or anyone for that matter instead of just one?"
Fero blinked, before looking at him," It was Natome's idea. You know how he worries... "
Fero than gestured toward Disaster.
"We can handle ourselves, no need for Natome to get worrisome.",Suta said almost angrily.
Fero looked at Suta, the cracked skull that was around his icy pale blue eye, shimmered in the cold noon day sun.
" You know.... while you two were frolicking. We found 6 cats, one with two-tails and one that has a scythe, kinda like yours.", he gestured to Suta's tail.
" So did you find them or did they fall in one your traps?", Suta inquired.
Curious, Disaster's right ear flipped to their direction.
Fero grinned, " They fell in one of my traps."
Suta blinked, " What did they want?"
Fero turned his head, a serious gaze was on his face," They asked for Disaster. "

Suta tromped through the thorn bramble entrance, his head swimming with explanations for why half a dozen cats would come out to the middle of nowhere to see Disaster.
Fero, who was now perched on Suta's skull scythe, which started right above Suta's right eye and then shot out from the side of his head and then curving inward, blinked at the wonderful color's that the setting sun casted.
" So did they say why they wanted to see her?", questioned Suta.
" No.", replied Fero " Besides they are in one of the prison cells."
Suta looked at the blue bird," And why are they in the prison cells."
" The one that has a scar on his chest threatened to kill us all, if we didn't get Disaster.”, Fero chirped
Suta scoffed, before looking ahead. Disaster was busy talking to Mezu. The small ball of fluff was jumping up and down gleefully.
" Should we let her know that they want to see her?", inquired Fero.
" No.", Suta said bluntly.
" No?, but Suta they asked for her. It would be reasonable enough if she went to see what they wanted.", Fero said after he hopped down and stopped in front of Suta.
Suta only walked over the little bird, " No, and that's final. And to keep that beak of yours shut, I'll go see them myself."
Suta made his way to the prison chamber, the gigantic hole that was on the side of the mountain, lead down into a black abyss. The only thing he saw now and again, were the flickering flames from the oil lamps. Which were one of Fero's ideas.
Suta sighed as he clambering down the steep decline. His tail lashing irritably.
He made his way around the winding labyrinth, his red and pale blue eyes glowing ominously as he pasted each oil lamp. Once at his destination, he surveyed the area, to see if anyone was there.
“ So, odd eyes what do you want?”, asked a irritated voice.
Suta turned his head to see a scar chested tom, his eyes were green with flecks of yellow in them, and the tom's pupils were red.
Suta blinked at the irritated tom,” I'm here to ask you some questions. “
The top of the tom's fur was a grayish black, with red in it. Probably blood.
Suta than noticed the cat had two silver bands on his left ear, and one on his right paw.
The cat growled, “ What are you looking at odd eyes.”
Suta than looked coldly at the tom,” My name isn’t odd eyes, it’s Suta.”
“ So you aren’t Disaster? “, piped in a feminine voice.
Suta smirked amusingly to that, “ No, besides Disaster is female.”
“ Female!”, exclaimed yet another voice, this time a young tom.
“ Of course she’s is.”, said the feminine voice halfheartedly “ Reaper Neko tell me, what did you think Disaster was.”
The tom that the she-cat was talking to had a bend ear, and weird heartbeat- like scarring on his entire body. Plus the young tom wore a green bandana and what looked like a belt around his neck.
“ I thought she was an old hag, and a very cranky Demon.”, Neko said
“ What did you say!” the three spikes along Suta’s neck rattled in menace.
Neko blinked nervously, “ Calm down, odd eyes. I meant no harm.”
Suta glared before relaxing the fur along his spine, his eyes fixed on the cat’s.
“ Demon?”, Suta inquired, “ How do you know of Demons?”
Neko blinked, before putting his paws on the metal bars, “ Just as any creature would, from stories.”
“ And you believe these stories?”
“ Of course, besides there true.”, Neko than smiled.
Ray, on the other hand seemed a bit surprised by Suta's curiosity, “ Why so curious about Demons, odd eyes.”
The red pupil-eyed tom scoffed,” It would be best if you would just shut up.”
Ray scowled, “ Lostheart, listen. The only way out of this place is to cooperate.”
Suta grinned, “ Who said that you would get out.”
A young she-cat in the back looked up, her right blue eye visible, “ We are no threat to you, all we want is to speak with Disaster.”
“ Littlewolf, I doubt that we will see Disaster, besides I don’t even think we’ll be getting out alive either.”, the voice had come from a white tom, with icy blue eyes. The tom also had red markings on his pure white fur. It was blood stains.
Littlewolf who was next to the tom, blinked sadly at that, her black and white fur now visible against the gray stone wall.
“ Why can’t we leave.”, said a young tom
Suta blinked, before looked around to find the voice.
The young tom stepped out of shadows, “ if we can’t see Disaster, than we'll leave. But why won’t you let us.”
“ That is none of your concern two-tails.”, replied a voice behind Suta “ Oh, Suta Ekuta wanted me to get Mecha cat and the grave digger.”
Suta turned his head to the voice, “ Is that what she said?”
“ More or less, but yes.”, the voice came from a white mare, a sleek white mare.
“ What are you?” , ask Neko
“ Oh, I’m sorry. My name is Chi, I’m a unicorn goddess.” , Chi whipped her white lion-like tail.
Her silver horn glistening.
“ So shall we move along than?”
“ No, first off, I’m not Mecha cat. I’m Sire. A half-robotic cat.”, Sire's mud colored fur puffed out, his yellow left eye fixed on Chi. “ As a matter of fact, I have a question. How can you be a goddess if all of them are dead.”
Lostheart's ear flicked in there direction.
“ And what type of goddess are you anyway.”
Chi smiled to that, “ Well, I’m the goddess of peril, I control the power of ice. I was trapped in a crystal crown. My kingdom was betrayed by my own subjects. My two sister’s who also lived in the kingdom with me were also betrayed. Their names are Nightmare, a Pegasus, and Rainbow Apocalypse, an alicorn, who were also trapped inside objects. Nightmare was trapped in a stone statue, Rainbow inside a mirror. My sister’s are also goddesses Nightmare is the goddess of fear. And Rainbow Apocalypse the goddess of chaos.”
Neko looked a bit out of it, “ So what do your sister’s control?”
Chi smirked deviously, “ Nightmare controls the very ascents of fear itself she can even take your life force if she wanted too. Rainbow Apocalypse is a tricky one, she controls lightning and gravity. In fact she is called Rainbow Apocalypse for one reason, she can turn the beauty of the rainbow into a nightmare. And make you suffer a terrible death. So its best to not get on her bad side.”
Sire blinked,” So how did you get out?”
“ The blood moon freed me and my sister’s, we were placed in a cave of treasures. The only light was from the small crack in the ceiling. The blood moon freed us and we got vengeance on our subjects who betrayed us. Soon after that we were found by Disaster, who was intrigued with our power and asked if we would be kind enough to join her clan of misunderstood creatures.”
Sire looked curiously at the white mare, “ So when the blood moon freed you, you killed the subjects who betrayed you.”
Chi smiled, “ Yes.”
“ so you killed them for only betraying you ?” said Neko
Chi's blue green eyes twinkled deviously at the curious toms, “ why of course, if me and my sisters hadn’t, they would of went to an all powerful god.”
Neko blinked before looking at Suta curiously.
“ So are you and your sister’s the only goddesses?”, asked the two-tailed cat
Chi smiled, “ So far yes.”
Sire blinked at the two-tailed cat, “ I’ve got this Psycho.”
Psycho lashed his tails, his violet eyes looked irritability to that.
Chi then used her magic to unlock the cell door, “ Come on, I only need Sire and grave digger.”
“ My name is Reaper Neko!” , corrected the scythe holding cat.
When the cell door closed and both cats followed Chi around the cave wall and to the surface, Suta turned and looked at the remaining cats, “ Why do you want to see Disaster.”
Lostheart turned his head, “ Because we were told too.”
Suta cocked his head, “ By who?”
The tom blinked, “ By a deer spirit named Sheka.”

Chapter 2

When Suta entered the leader’s den he found Disaster busily looking at all different kinds of scrolls, around her bushy tail and hind legs were scattered scrolls of Spirit Foxx history and maps of Kumeo Realm. Suta than maneuvered around the chaotic room, the oil lamps that lit the den swayed by the slightest breeze.
“ Disaster.”, Suta said as he made it around the unrolled scrolls and to her side “ You have someone that wishes to speak with you.”
Disaster blinked her brown eyes scanning the scroll for something.
“ What are you looking for?”, Suta asked
Disaster smiled, “ Well I’m looking for the Temple of Memories or as it’s known by the Guardian Spirit Foxx: The Righteous Tree. But I can’t seem to find it.”
Suta turned his gaze from her to the map.
“ I was talking to Ryu earlier and he said he over heard something about the Temple of Memories from rouge Guardian Spirit Foxx.”
Suta than looked at her, “ Well that will have to wait, you have someone who wishes to speak with you.”
Disaster than sighed, “ If it’s more recruitments, I doubt that they would be ready to prove their loyalty.”
Suta smiled in amusement, “ No, its not that, it’s more of information than to prove their loyalty.”
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Kumeo Realm ( remake)
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