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 Ask them

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PostSubject: Ask them   June 22nd 2016, 2:58 pm

Ask the cats!

My list: old and new rp!
Gustyfoot-Nightclan deputy
Nightstone-Dead starclan- Gustyfoot's aunt.
Goldenfur- dead, Hawkscreech's mate/ blackheart's mate. She's loyal to hawk though, so sad that the'll never see each other again! Cos of the starclan seperation.
Starstruck-Bloodsplash's and Foxstars adopted brother, Gustyfoot's grandad.
Frozenspirit-Gustyfoot's sister.

Iceshard-changed so not related to Gusty.
Fuzzypaw-Need to bring him back!
Pinepaw-not sure if you remember him lol

Icyfoot- ex Blizzard dep
Icepaw-Blizzard apprentice.

I will awnser any of your questions in their charater

May starclan light your path

 You have been touched

"I will fight! I will! I will fight until my heart stops beating and my paws stop working! You look upon me and see just a tiny cat! But you do not see the fighting spirit! You know why I fight even when there is no hope?! Because my clan is my hope and I made a promise. A promise that I would protect everyone in nightclan, and I intend to keep it! The clan may not make a cat but the cats make a clan and we are Nightclan!"

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Ask them
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