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 Gustyfoot's gang

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PostSubject: Gustyfoot's gang   Gustyfoot's gang EmptyJune 20th 2016, 11:53 am

Included some extrabits for my benifit.

Name: Gustyfoot
Rank: Deputy
Clan: Night
Description: Tiny black cat with green eyes and lean muscles under her shoulders, she has a very caring look about her and to strangers, she is oftern considered an appretice. There are scars scraping her back legs and she has a single dark grey star on the front of her chest now with a line through it representing that she "belongs to the darkfoeest" the scar on her back leg is of a deathberry that yewberry engraved in there so she knew who Gustyfoot was if she ever escaped.
Personaity: Gustyfoot is genuinely kind but with an opinionated personaity, she is a strong believer in starclan however, she willingly trained in the darkforest as an apprentice believing they could make her stronger. She has a streak of protecting others and wants to prove herself all the time.
Other: in love with bloodstar.

Name: Northpool
Rank: Young warrior
Clan: Night
Description: Looks like lillystripe, a silver tabby with dark green eyes. Quite a large cat clearly resembles her father.
Personaity: Northpool is the type of cat that will bury her feelings, she is very difficult to predict and this causes her to be avoided by most cats, that and the fact that her sister is a maniac. But inside she is kind but reacts first rather than thinking.
Other: Bloodstar's daughter.

Name: Blackheart (personaity is gonna change)
Description: Typically, he is as dark as darkness itself with amber eyes tinged red by the pupil, he has a large scar across his chest pooling with dried blood from where he was killed.
Clan: Darkforest

Name: Stormpaw
Clan: Dark forest
Rank: apprentice
Description: He has ears too large for his head due to a premature death, he would've grown into those, one of his eyes are blue whilst the other is gray but represwnts no blindness. Has tiny paws and a fragile build.
Personaity: He is extremely quiet and terrified of the darkforest with almost no training he is very weak but is fast like a lightning bolt, he grew depressed when his mother died and spends his time hiding away in the darkforest.
Crime: He poisoned himself with berries yewberry gave him when he wished to die.

Name: Goldenfur
Description: Sandy shecat with green eyea
rank: warrior
Clan star
Personaity: naive, sweet but tramatised due to her past is terrified of the darkforest for fear of her old mentor.
Other: eh.

May starclan light your path

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"I will fight! I will! I will fight until my heart stops beating and my paws stop working! You look upon me and see just a tiny cat! But you do not see the fighting spirit! You know why I fight even when there is no hope?! Because my clan is my hope and I made a promise. A promise that I would protect everyone in nightclan, and I intend to keep it! The clan may not make a cat but the cats make a clan and we are Nightclan!"

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PostSubject: Re: Gustyfoot's gang   Gustyfoot's gang EmptyJune 20th 2016, 12:04 pm


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Gustyfoot's gang
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