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Thunderwing (remake) 10dt64y

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Welcome to WCW.! Why don't you relax, and read the news, or get into some roleplaying.? Thunderwing (remake) Bob11


 Thunderwing (remake)

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Mood : Might have to remake all my characters since I've been off for about a year :/
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PostSubject: Thunderwing (remake)   Thunderwing (remake) EmptyFebruary 3rd 2016, 3:35 pm

Since I've been gone for too long (forgot a little bit of th
Name: Thunderwing
Description: white/gray tom with blond streaks under his eyes; blue eyes, and has a thunder-shaped scar he got from someone I'm not gonna mention
Gender: Tom
Clan: StormClan
Rank: Warrior
Other: Energetic (basically acts like a kit)
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Thunderwing (remake)
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