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 My Pokefic

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PostSubject: My Pokefic   December 10th 2014, 3:54 am

I'm writing a Pokefic and have written out several main characters. A lot more main antagonists than the protagonists though.

(Unnamed) - Was born in Unova and got his first Pokemon, Fennekin on his 16th birthday. Fennekin was more of a pet and a friend though, only knowing Tackle. He moves to Hoenn with his family after his adopted father gets a job as a gym leader. He gains Mudkip and Treecko from Professor Birch after protecting him from a Poochyena pack. Is 18 during the story. Gains a vigilante personality later on and tries to stop Team Magma, Aqua, and a mysterious third operation from taking over Hoenn. On a goal to beat the eight gyms and challenge the Champion. His parents left when he was young so he doesn't know them.

May- Resembles her Ruby/Sapphire(Original!) look. Has a wild and adventurous personality much to Brendan's disappointment. Brendan is her twin brother and he travels with her to protect her and make sure she stays safe.

Brendan- Has a protective personality for his sister. Is also paranoid and a little cowardish.

Team Aqua and Magma are pretty much similar to their ORAS counterparts except Shelly and Courtney both have feelings for (unnamed) which makes those two have more hate for the other team than the other members do.

The third group is similar to a mob but have strong Pokemon.... not guns. It's obvious their leader is a criminal but the International Police can't get evidence so he always gets away with stuff.
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My Pokefic
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