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 an eye for an eye

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PostSubject: an eye for an eye   November 15th 2014, 2:00 pm

TOpaz screamed as her hands were held behing her back, she kicked yelled 
and screamed "TAKE ME!" topaz watched as the eight year old boy, was being escourted over to the middle of the room, wincing. He was crying wailing, "topaz please help me!"
She roared in dispair struggling for all she was worth, were they really that heartless?
Were they really going to kill a little boy?
Blood trickled down jack's chin along with a series of tears, he had brown eyes as wide as golf balls and blonde hair that flattern against his head.
Topaz was bruised, sobbing and kicking she twisted in the man's grip grabbing the folds of his cloak,  there was a man in the middle of the room well it looked like a man but TOpaz didnt believe it was human because it was just inhumane for a human to kill an eight year old in cold blood.
"LEAVE HIM ALONE!" The 12 year old girl roared but her voice was shaken, her body was frozen like ice; "PLEASE!"
Jack murmered softly, trying to act confident "dont worry. Ill be brave." however he didnt seem to see what was going to happen.
Angrilly, topaz turned her gaze to the shaddowed man concealed in the darkness, "YOU COWARD! SHOW YOUR FACE!"
but he did not move eyes fixed upon alex who was now a shaking leaf, topaz kept shouting hoping begging shed grab the leaders attention.
The room was dark topace unched the guy who was gripping her which caused a bloody nosebleed but he did nor flinch nor blink. Trying to tear hrer arms away, topaz behaved like a ruthless animal snarling and shrieking.
The figure beckoned jack forward and when he did not obey he was forcefully  dragged over, topaz could only see there silhouettes but she saw enough to 
make her raging with fury and dispair. Hands tightened around the young boys throat and his head was jerked sideways there was a crack like a whip through the air and the now limp figure dropped to the ground, spiralled around like an eagle.
Suddenly topaz was !et go, she collapsed to her knees and crawled over to jack's body, his neck had been snapped completely and there was no bringing him back.
But was there?
Clinging to his body, the girl sobbed and cried unable to do nothing more

May starclan light your path

 You have been touched

"I will fight! I will! I will fight until my heart stops beating and my paws stop working! You look upon me and see just a tiny cat! But you do not see the fighting spirit! You know why I fight even when there is no hope?! Because my clan is my hope and I made a promise. A promise that I would protect everyone in nightclan, and I intend to keep it! The clan may not make a cat but the cats make a clan and we are Nightclan!"

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an eye for an eye
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