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 my story for halloween contest

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PostSubject: my story for halloween contest   October 24th 2014, 6:20 am

as too long! Soz I'll put it on htoere
(This is fictioam going for any of themt)
The asomas cold anared the atmosphere was heavy. 
 Cold frost whipped angrily at arrowpaw's pelt covering her in spect of white ice. 
The nightclan apprentice perched in a tree her head, touching the the trunk singing softly but her once beautiful voice was shaken in her terror.
 It was clear she had been crying and for quite a while too. 
Midnight covered the land, the full moon was concealed by a thick cloud of mist and fog, she raised her head to glare at the moon; why did the stars treat her so? First they had taken away her brother and now nightmares had begun to haunt her constantly in the night interrupting her happy sweet dreams about her mother who she had never known. 
She closed her eyes once more trying to picture her mother's pretty, attrative face but suddenly there was a flash of dark green light then cruel evil laughter. A pair of bright scarrlet eyes hovering in the darkness. 
They were swirling pools of blood.
She and her three siblings, ebonypaw, diamondpaw and firepaw had been discussing who exactly their mother was. Diamondpaw had guessed that it was probably a beautiful ginger she cat as firepaw had that color pelt but there were no cats except him with that colour pelt not in nightclan anyway they all had either dark pelts or white ones.
Maybe their father, greystorm-a strong handsome tom- had a fobbiden love however if he did, he wasnt telling which made arrowpaw even more frustrated.
Leaping down, the apprentice started to walk home; she had told Gustyfoot a nice shecat and the deputy that she was going hunting would she notice if arrowpaw came back completely empty handed?

When she arrived, gustyfoot was talking in hushed voices to blood star, she spotted arrowpaw with her light green eyes and almost instantly shhok blood star off, he didn't seem happy but stomped back into the leaders den
"sorry." Arrowpaw mumbled.
"s'ok." Gustyfoot said, her voice was innicont and kind, but she had a twisted smile plastered on her face, like she knew something arrowpaw didnt, it put arrowpaw on edge a bit but she straightened up, "i guess ill go to bed now."
"No." Gustyfoot said, her voice was diffrent, somewhat snake like.
When arrowpaw turned around she saw Gustyfoot only with red eyes and a pair of large black beautiful wings. She blinked stunned but, then gustyfoot was normal again, her green eyes full with concern, "i know you've been having nightmares, and i know exsactly what about, you and i are not so diffrent. I feared this....."
SHe turned around sadly and left
The next few days, october was cruel, unfortunately arrowpaws nightmares hadnt stopped yet. She found herself waking up in a dark shaowy forest with lots of other cats, gleaming in the darkness, laughing. arrowpaw laid down with firepaw, diamondpaw and ebonypaw, quietly discussing what had happened a few days ago, the moon was full.
"Creepy." Firepaw said green eyes wavering with worry.
"I know, she just shoved bloodstar off like that...."
"Diamondpaw!" Angelwings yelled, "comeon training!"
Grumbling, her sister went off to her mentor.
Ebonypaw turned around, "hey look!" He saw their father going into the forest towards stormclan boarder, immediently, arrowpaw rose to her paws and tiptoed into a tree, gesturing her brothers who were hesitant to follow her.
"but the elders told me at....halloween strange things happen." Firepaw trembled, "remember what happened to falconpaw yesterday?" 
Tears reflected in arrowpaws eyes, "fine ill go by myself." She lept off after greystorm who was acting strange.
AS arrowpaw drew closer to her father scent was different. She carried on running after him until she realised. His ears were getting longer, his snout was becoming wider and his fur was rising. Arrowpaw jumped down, "daddy? Daddy?"
HE didnt reply, tossing his head around and howling in pain, his amber eyes were narrowing.
"Dad!" She ran to him and grabbed him to stop him falling backwards, he had lost fur, it had fallen off and left him  with bald patches in places, he didn't look like greystorm anymore......
He roared in rage, this creature was crouching on his two hind legs sniffing arrowpaw, as though she were a piece of prey, suddenly he lunged.
she screamed and ran for it.
He was fast.
Like lightning he jumped at arrowpaw but she mannaged to roll out of the way with a grunt of agony, lip trembling she realised this was the creature she had been dreaming of for weeks.....
Suddenly there was a black blur and small gustyfoot had landed on his back, she rapped her paws round his neck, tears shone in her eyes "greystorm please this is where you belong, your heart!"
ARrowpaw stood paralised, her side was bleeding badly.
"Run, arrowpaw!"
"Why are you saving me?"
"Because im your mother, bloodstar wanted me to be his deputy, but a warrior who has died now leafclaw wanted it just as bad, he was evil arrowpaw, if id of admitted i had kits, i couldnt take the spot because blodstar would make me care for you until you were 6 moons old and by then nightclan would've plunged into darkness forever....."
ALl through this she was trying to greystorm to the ground, arrowpaw went silent, she felt as though a bomb had dropped on top of her, as if the sky had landed square on her shoulders. She hated her mother. But then again her mother had done the right thing, arrowpaw probaly wouldve been dead if leafclaw took over; it was the right decision. 
Gustyfoot suddenly was thrown backwards into a tree, the creature -whatever it was- amied to bite her throat, but without a second thought and without 
her telling her paws to move, arrowpaw found herslef charging at the creature. A sudden guilty thought stuck in her mind, "this is my dadm" however as she quickly studdied the situation she knew she must save gustyfoot. Her paws raised and she sprung up at the wolf like creature waking  his head, it made a hollow sound. An empty skull?
Greystorm dropped to the floor.
Breathing heavilly, arrowpaw ran to her mother, glancing at her neck, she hadnt been bitten. Phew.
But she was losing blood and fast.
"we cant tell anyone about....this." Gustyfoot moaned getting to her paws
"what? We must!!!"
"no. If they found out your father was a......werewolf he'd be exiled, you too."
Gustyfoot stumbled around to look very seriously at arrowpaw, her eyes were cold, "you are half werewolf, you and your siblings. Thats why you dream dark things, you all do but i malipulated you all so you wouldnt tell eachother."
"i have my ways." She smiled warmly and lmped back to camp after her mother, herheart was still hammering and she guided her mother, Gustyfoot back to camp where she collapsed with a sigh.
"gustyfoot!?" Blood splattered on the snow, she ran and quickly got the medicine cat, who lept down and eagally examined gustyfoot, "what types of bites are these?"
"umm.......i dont know." She lied

(Edit later)

May starclan light your path

 You have been touched

"I will fight! I will! I will fight until my heart stops beating and my paws stop working! You look upon me and see just a tiny cat! But you do not see the fighting spirit! You know why I fight even when there is no hope?! Because my clan is my hope and I made a promise. A promise that I would protect everyone in nightclan, and I intend to keep it! The clan may not make a cat but the cats make a clan and we are Nightclan!"

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my story for halloween contest
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