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 Halloween Plans!

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PostHalloween Plans!

Hey guys! I have come up with a Halloween celebratory plot. (It won't affect characters as much as the Clans in general.) A Halloween group of Magical cats. Now, we said no powered cats, but this is an acception!
Two siblings, Trick (tom) and Treat ((she-cat) are banding together magical, creature-like cats. These powered cats are-

Witch/Warlock Cats- These cats are magic, like witches. They can do things with their magjc but not strong enough to harm anyone.

Werewolf Cats- These cats can shift into wolf-like beings at night.

(Courtesy of Gusty) Ghost Cats- Unlike DarkForest and StarClan, these spirits possess an inner difference. They are visible to anyone and have slight teleportation and telekinesis, but once again, not too powerful.

This is annual, meaning every October these cats will come. The leaders give both a punishing trick and a generous treat to the Clans. The decrease or increase of hostility depends on reactions of the Clans.

Trick and Treat will be earned by contest which comes soon.

I have one condition:
DO NOT use these powered cats you can make outside of October unless I or Shadow approve. Some hints and small plots will be kentioned throughout the year, but nothing more.

If you have questions, ask me.

And I also know that shadow made a thread, but this is the OFFICIAL plot thread.

Stay alive, stay alive for me.
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Halloween Plans! :: Comments

Re: Halloween Plans!
Post on October 21st 2014, 7:44 pm by Toxicstar
Yep, mine is the rp thread. xD
I was thinking about bringing dragon cats back for this event but I decided to keep them being myths/legends the elders and queen tell to kits.

Halloween Plans!

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