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 My Bravest Warriors Cats

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PostSubject: My Bravest Warriors Cats   October 5th 2014, 11:14 pm

This is where I'm keeping track of my cats for that rp.

Name: Shadowblaze
Gender: Male
Physical Looks: Muscular, handsome, black furred, brown eyes, small bits of white fur on his belly.
Clan: Stone
Rank: Warrior/Deputy(Temporary?)
Personality: A big flirt, loyal, friendly, easily to make him mad. He refuses to hurt a she-cat unless it is absolutely necessary, like fighting for his life. Brave and heroic.
Brief History: He was born and raised in StoneClan. He never got to know his parents as they got killed by a mob. He swore vengeance on them and constantly practiced his fighting skills in the training area. He also got lots of experience as a flirt and often uses that as an advantage in combat. He's already had two mates despite becoming a warrior in the past two weeks. He will never fully know peace until he finds his parent's killer and ends their life.
Family: Ravenblaze of LeafClan and Rivershadow of StoneClan are his brothers, no kits yet.
Are They Part of a Mob?: Undercover in Snake (You know the plot, we should keep it a secret for now xD)
If so, What is their mob rank?: Low ranking member, advances as the story goes

Name: Rivershadow
Gender: Male
Physical Looks: Black fur, white splotches, blue eyes, Handsome
Clan: Stone
Rank: Warrior
Personality: Calm, pacifist, not interested in a mate
Brief History: Same as Shadowblaze's. Except he doesn't believe in revenge, he believes the killer will get what is coming to him.
Family: Shadowblaze and Ravenblaze are his brothers
Are They Part of a Mob?: No
If so, What is their mob rank?:

Name: Ravenblaze
Gender: Male
Physical Looks: Solid black furred, brown eyes, Handsome (It runs in the family)
Clan: Leaf
Rank: Warrior
Personality: Aggressive, loves to pick on the weaker cats, crazy/mad
Brief History: Due to having no parents in his life, he went crazy and started hanging out with the wrong crowd, eventually he left StoneClan and joined up with LeafClan.
Family: Shadowblaze and Rivershadow are his brothers
Are They Part of a Mob?: No, will likely join one later on
If so, What is their mob rank?:

Name: Crookedheart
Gender: Male
Physical Looks: Muscular gray furred tom with blue eyes, he literally has a image of a broken heart on his fur, made out of black fur.
Clan: Stone
Rank: Warrior
Personality: Fake personality- Friendly, caring, loyal. Fake personality- Probably the most evil cat alive, he bullies other cats, blackmails others, and likes to kill
Brief History: He was always bad, even when he grew up. He attacked the other kits in the nursery and was often stuck searching for ticks on elders as his punishment. He bullied his brother Ratkit when nobody was around to watch. When he became an apprentice, he killed the rest of his litter except for Ratkit as he could easily control him. He started to act nice as a cover up while really, he was creating a mob. He gathered up a lot of strong loyal cats and even tricked some dumb ones into joining. He rules the mob with an iron paw, but he keeps his leadership in it a secret. He makes it look like Snake is the leader, when really Snake is just his puppet, obeying his every command.
Family: Ratstar is his brother, Moonlight is his daughter(?)
Are They Part of a Mob?: Yes
If so, What is their mob rank?: Yes
Other: Only Snake knows that Crookedheart is the true leader

Name: Snake
Gender: Male
Physical Looks: Brown tom with blue eyes, white paws and tail tip
Clan: None
Rank: N/A
Personality: It's impossible to tell his real personality as he's just Crookedheart's puppet. He acts like Crookedheart's evil side.
Brief History: Crookedheart saved his life when he was younger and Snake promised he'd help repay the favor. He quickly got to repay him by filling in as leader for Crookedheart and following his every command.
Family: All dead
Are They Part of a Mob?: Yes
If so, What is their mob rank?: "Leader"/Puppet

Name: Redblood
Gender: Male
Physical Looks: Muscular black tom with red eyes, very sharp claws
Clan: Stone
Rank: Warrior
Personality: Evil, selfish, disloyal
Brief History: He was raised in StoneClan since he was a kit. He was mentored by Crookedheart who was a bad influence on him. Redblood slowly started to embrace his evil personality and Crookedheart noticed, he got Snake to meet him and recruit him. Redblood quickly rose up the ranks but could never reach second-in-command, his goal was to get there kill Snake and take over. Crookedheart knew about that plan so he made sure Redblood never got that promotion. He constantly plots takeover of other mobs too, hoping to become ruler of the forest.
Family: He killed them all
Are They Part of a Mob?: Yes
If so, What is their mob rank?: Lieutenant

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My Bravest Warriors Cats
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