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 Mintpond, the medicine cat

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PostSubject: Mintpond, the medicine cat   September 28th 2014, 10:47 am

The original medicine cat of BlizzardClan received a sign from StarClan about a kit.... This particular kit was Mintkit, an energetic and very confident kit who had a strange condition; he was born without claws, and walked with a strange limp. StarClan told the medicine cat to make him her new apprentice..

Despite Mintkit's protests about wanting to become a warrior, he became a medicine cat. He soon realized he was extremely talented at remembering and applying herbs. While his siblings may tease him about it still, he found that he cared less and less; he had found his purpose in life.

(Btw, if anyone wants to make Mintpond's siblings, go ahead~)
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Mintpond, the medicine cat
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