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 Tribe of Roaring Storms Info

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PostSubject: Tribe of Roaring Storms Info   September 20th 2014, 3:24 am

The Tribe of Roaring Storms is a peaceful Tribe. They don't mind cats who travel through the mountains as long as they don't attack. They helped StarClan keep peace for generations but now there's a threat they can't help with.

Territory- They live at the top of the mountains, where they are very close to the sky. Their paws are naturally hardened so the sharp rocks don't harm them and their pelts help stand the colder weather.

Prey- They hunt mice, birds, rabbits, squirrel, hawks, owls.

Storm Watcher is a title given to a cat after the current Storm Watcher dies. They live at the very top of the mountain and get warnings from StarClan very quickly. The cat is also experienced with herb knowledge upon getting the title. The cat must NEVER have had a mate in their life and can't get one if they desire this rank.

Caveguards- They protect/guard the cave where the cats(Besides Storm Watcher) sleep and go out with Prey Hunters whenever they hunt. A cave guard is always on duty near Storm Watcher's den.

Preyhunters- They hunt prey. Don't know what else to say.

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Tribe of Roaring Storms Info
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