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 Tribe of Cracking Bones Info

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PostSubject: Tribe of Cracking Bones Info   September 12th 2014, 11:54 pm

This is the Bad Tribe that will be introduced during the upcoming plot. The Storm vs Scourge plot needs to START and END before it happens, and whatever that plot in Night is needs to end too.

NOBODY knows it exists. Outside of the Bad Tribe obviously. Not StarClan, not the Tribe of Endless Hunting, NOBODY. They are a secret force whose sole goal is to cause chaos and destruction.

At birth, each member of the Tribe is given a bright blue gem which is tied around their neck. The gems make them undetectable to StarClan and the Tribe of Endless Hunting.

Recently(Well..... soon) they got hold of a mysterious black gem from a mysterious cat who disappeared once they got it. They decided to test it out and left their cave to look down at the clans below. Their leader, Teller of Doom(Doom), aimed the stone so it reflected the sun's light at the lake, and the lake along with most of the other water supplies dried up. The Tribe cheered in delight and retreated back to their cave, knowing the clans wouldn't have long to live without their water supply. (More in the Plot thread)

They live in an old Twoleg mine in the mountains so naturally they have gems and piles of treasure. Some of their gems are special and unique, granting abilities.

Invisibility gem- Dark blue gems that all the cats wear to remain hidden from StarClan and the Dark Forest and the Tribe of Endless Hunting and the Tribe of Eternal Darkness. It doesn't hide them from other cats and animals though.

Chaos gem- Black gem, only one in existence. It can cause any water supply to disappear permanently, the effect will be reverse however, if the gem is broken.

There are more power gems but they'll be revealed later on, or as ideas are given.

Home and Territory-
They live in an old abandoned Twoleg mine in the mountains. They sleep in nests that make out of moss they get from the river that flows through the mine.

Mice, Fish, Birds, Big Birds(Vultures, Hawk. However, they're a challenge so they're rare), Frogs

Will be revealed in the plot.

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Tribe of Cracking Bones Info
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