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 The pwin of Char Makng

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PostSubject: The pwin of Char Makng   September 8th 2014, 4:47 pm

Name: Bloodflow/star
Desc.: Blue gray tom with yellow eyes
Clan: Night
Rank: Leader (9/9 lives)
Other: Has a plot. The rebirth of Bloodtalon.

Name: Bloodtalon
Desc.: Snowy white tom with charming amber eyes and a jagged scar across left eye, rendering him one blind eye
Clan: DarkForest (Until plot)
Rank: Warrior (Soon to swap leader places with Bloodstar)
Other: You kniw his story. Mother killed by father, and his deagh was ghat he killed himself with a vine.

Name: Smearpaw
Desc.: White she-cat with sikvery blue eyes and black streaks down back and gray paws.
Clan: Night
Rank: Apprentice (6 moons)
Other:Daughter of Bloodflow/star

Name: Blackwidow
Desc. : Black taby she-cat with red dot between silver eyes.
Clan: Night
Rank: warrikr
Other: Only ten moons. Pregnant as a nije moon apprentice so she became a warriir early. She had a miscarriage. Mentor of Smearpaw.


Bloodtalon is able to be revived from his reborn's life. Bloodstar goes through a great travel to find the tok's grave and sends his whole soul to be with Bloodtalon, who is niw living and well. Bloodstar will be dead but Bloodtalon will have nine lives and be the Bloodstar. (?)
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PostSubject: Re: The pwin of Char Makng   September 8th 2014, 4:49 pm

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The pwin of Char Makng
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