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 my vats

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PostSubject: my vats   September 8th 2014, 12:08 pm

Name: Gustyfoot
Description: jet black blucat with a brown tail, paw underbelly and neck also has a brown star on the back of her neck, is small, often seen in trees and unlike dewclan cats hates water and cannot swim well. Pregnant with 4 kits firekit, arrowkit, diamondkit and umm ebony kit.
Clan: dew
Rank: deputy/queen

Name: nightstone 
Description: jet black warrior with delicate bluees mother to iceshard, stormpaw, hawkpaw and forgot the other ones.
Clan: wolf
Rank: older warrior
Other: Gusty's aunt

Name: stormpaw
Description: strong grey tom
Clan: wolf
Rank: apprentice
Other: gustys cousin

Name: iceshard
Description: beautiful blue she cat
Clan: wolf 
Rank: warrior
Other: gusty's cousin

Name: scar
Description: scarred across his right side of his face badly, white with stained blood that doesnt wash out
Clan: rouge
Rank: rouge
Other blizzard's bro

Name: blizzardpaw (will be pelt)
Description: fully white cat with dark blue eyes
Clan: moon
Rank: apprentice
Other: needs a mate

Name: mercy
Description: scarred insane tom that is elderly but looks young as he died young.
Clan: darkforest
Rank: warrior
Other: pretends to be real and flirts with she cats

Name: limepaw
Description: fuzzy green small tom
Clan: wolf
Rank: apprentice

Name: frozenheart
Description: snowy white half insane she cat with pink patches on her paws has blackouts often and when she wakes up she cant remember nothing but someone is always dead.
Clan: moves around
Rank: warrior
Other: hawk and golden's daughter

Name: blackheart
Description: handsome get black tom with amber sunset eyes, scars down left shoulder.
Clan: darkforest
Rank: warrior
Other: gusty's dad

Name: goldenfur
Description: golden she cag with green eyes, scars on legs and a fluffy tail.
Clan: starclan
Rank: warrior
Other: gusty's mom

Name: dreampaw
Description: beautiful dark she cat with amber eyes like the sunset.
Clan: dew
Rank: apprentice
Other: fang paws first victim

Naame: bearfang
Description: brown tom with one violet wye one blue eyes
Clan: sku
Rank: warriot
Other: moonstars bro. Mate..... Goldfut?????

Name: dream

May starclan light your path

 You have been touched

"I will fight! I will! I will fight until my heart stops beating and my paws stop working! You look upon me and see just a tiny cat! But you do not see the fighting spirit! You know why I fight even when there is no hope?! Because my clan is my hope and I made a promise. A promise that I would protect everyone in nightclan, and I intend to keep it! The clan may not make a cat but the cats make a clan and we are Nightclan!"

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PostSubject: Re: my vats   September 8th 2014, 12:27 pm


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my vats
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