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 BlizzardClan's History and Stuff

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PostSubject: BlizzardClan's History and Stuff   August 27th 2014, 4:03 pm

Blizzardstar was raised in the main forest, where he grew up alongside Shadowstar(Shadowpaw back then). He and Shadowstar were best friends and did everything together. One day, Shadowpaw wanted to hang around Moonpaw instead, making Blizzardpaw go out exploring on his own.  Blizzardpaw never came back that night and nobody seemed to miss him, Shadowpaw had taken Moonpaw as his new best friend, and all of his kin were dead. he had no mentor. Blizzardpaw was captured by twolegs and taken far up north(Canada) where he eventually broke out of the Twoleg nest to discover he was in a place that was always snowing.

He found out all the cats in the forest lived alone and they never heard of a clan before. He grew tired of hunting and fighting for himself and gathered up cats to form his own clan. After awhile, his clan had control over the entire forest and a strange cat appeared, giving him nine lives to make him an official leader. Moons have passed since that and BlizzardClan has grown a lot.

They CAN'T be visited by the Dark Forest or StarClan, they're untouchable. They have their own StarClan.

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BlizzardClan's History and Stuff
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