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 what i must do to become an astronaught. and can you guys help.

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PostSubject: what i must do to become an astronaught. and can you guys help.   August 23rd 2014, 9:40 am

I want to be an asronaught and I just realised its gonna be agess I'before I can!
They're not allowing people with operatnal scars or disabilities to go into space! ive had 11 operations! And im disabled. i got angry and am making posters about disabled discrimination and rebelience on my laptop how they cant get certain jobs just because they're diffrent. (Proves how much i want to be one XD)
I am even pkanning on writing letters to the goverment, nasa, neil armstrong and famous disabled people (could you please give me names of some disabled famous people?
I have to get a degree is either physical science, mathematics biological sscience, or some stuff that I don't even know. It takes three years of hard training and ill have to move to a diffrent country if you do then get picked theres another two year training (doh!)

Please give me some ideas of who else to write to id really appreciate it

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what i must do to become an astronaught. and can you guys help.
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