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 New clans

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PostNew clans

Me and Shady came up with the idea to get rid of ALL THE CLANS except for a few. We will be making new clans and the old ones will be moved to Starclan and Dark forest. I will give another week for everything to be wrapped up in the clans and figure out which cats you want to keep. Since we are making new clans,  your Starclan cats will not count at cat slots (or unless Shadow says something else) So have fun with your cats as you can for now!

Morphclan started long ago, before any of the other clans. Their job was to keep Twolegs out of the forest permanently, for they caused pain and suffering, taking cats unwillingly into their nests. They fought hard and continue to fight today, most cats in the forest, outside of Morphclan, haven’t ever seen a Twoleg. Morphclan received its name due to the fact that the first leader, Distortstar, had the power to morph into any animal he pleased, using his power to keep twolegs out.

Birdclan live in forests in a mountain range. They are cats with wings who can shift into birds. Birdclan is actually eight clans in one, and Featherclan towers about all the others.

Featherclan:Mainclan of Birdclan. 
Eagleclan:Strong cats that can turn into eagles. 
Crowclan:Cats that can shift Into crows. 
Jayclan:Cats that can shift into Jays. 
Owlclan:cats that can shift into owls. 
Cardinalclan: cats that can shift into cardinals. 
Hawkclan:cats that can shift into Hawks. 
Falconclan:cats that can shift into falcons. 

 These cats can turn into water, have water resistant pelts, and can breath underwater. They are strong fighters and good swimmers. They can turn invisible in the water, due to their ability to turn into water itself. This clan live in a lake similar to Snakeclan's, only bigger. They have a large waterfall above the lake that gives them plenty of fresh water and prey.

Skyclan are a clan of cats that live in a bright forest. They wear amulets that allow them to have butterfly wings to fly. They are agile flies with great patience. All leaders must be females, so they can have alot of litters. When they remove their amulet, their wings disappear. Wings are usually your eye color, or your personality based.

Home of Destroyer and Dragon. Dragon cats live together in peace in this clan. There is no deputy, still a med cat. The leader is the strongest tom of the clan. The new leader is decided when another tom feels like they should lead. In order to win they must kill the leader, if they fail they get exiled. That's how Destroyer and Dragon got kicked out. I plan on having DragonXAmber's son, Volcanokit take over at some point.

Bloodclan are a clan of deadly vampire cats who suck blood for energy. The sun is one of their only weaknesses, but fire is worst. That is why they are close allies with Fireclan. Their lake is full of water creatures that they hunt.(dunno about this one. )

Rainbowclan cats are evil and they worship the Darkforest. They are lead by a Fireclan outcast named Darksmoke, who is very powerful. They live alongside dogs and wolves who provide them with strong protection.

This clan is cats that can burst into flames, have flame resistant pelts, and are the first clan to be made in the Waterfalls. They are stronger than the ordinary clans and can fight well. They live in a normal, lush forest. They have to train in a sandy hollow so young apprentices don't catch the delicate trees and soft grass on fire. There is a broken beaver dam that sits near the edge of the territory.

This is a somewhat large clan consisting of three clans of wildcats. Lionclan, Tigerclan, and Leopardclan.

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New clans :: Comments

Re: New clans
Post on July 18th 2014, 6:51 pm by Toxicstar
No StarClan cats don't count as slots
Re: New clans
Post on July 18th 2014, 6:54 pm by Thunderstar
My story's about to end. Just hold on, guys!!
Re: New clans
Post on July 18th 2014, 6:54 pm by Moonstar
Okay and Doomclan will become Deathclan. 

I will own Birdclan and Skyclan(buying Sky with points,  I just get bird because it was my idea for the clans) and Shadow  gets Doom.
Re: New clans
Post on July 18th 2014, 6:55 pm by Toxicstar
And I have DragonClan. My replacement for Snake.
And I still own Wolf.
Re: New clans
Post on July 18th 2014, 6:56 pm by Adderfang
Re: New clans
Post on July 18th 2014, 6:58 pm by Moonstar
Okay so that leaves Morph and Water. I might add some more of that is okay with you.  I will post all of it hear.
Re: New clans
Post on July 18th 2014, 7:00 pm by Toxicstar
Re: New clans
Post on July 18th 2014, 7:05 pm by Thunderstar
Nononononono. Where's SkyClan?
Re: New clans
Post on July 18th 2014, 7:21 pm by Moonstar
Re: New clans
Post on July 18th 2014, 7:23 pm by Toxicstar
Hehehe.... Red and Wendigo will wipe the forest floor with RainbowClan (:<
Re: New clans
Post on July 18th 2014, 7:24 pm by Adderfang
Re: New clans
Post on July 20th 2014, 9:44 pm by Starryspirit
Moonstar wrote:
Okay so that leaves Morph and Water. I might add some more of that is okay with you.  I will post all of it hear.
I call Water.
Re: New clans
Post  by Sponsored content

New clans

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